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IBAN validation just got easy!

Introducing IBAN Check 2.0

The new version of our IBAN validation app for Android is here. This update introduces a modern Material design look and feel, fixes some UI / translation issues and brings support for Android Pie.

You can head over to Google Play store and get it right now,

Get it on Google Play

or read about all the improvements and new features this update introduces in details below.

Material Design

One of the improvements is the adoption of Material design, making the app more visually appealing and usable.

IBAN Check new material design

The IBAN validation field has been redesigned with usability in mind, showing you the number of characters left. The clear button is now part of the input field.

The new IBAN validation field

There is also an inline error validation and no more popping up dialogs 🙂

No more popping up error messages.

We have also made some improvements on how well the app handles your device keyboard. You can now validate your IBAN with the click of the DONE button. Also all the characters you are typing are now upper case for better readability.

Improved keyboard handling

Horizontal Layout

Another vital part of this update is the better utilization of horizontal device orientations and better tablet support.

Better utilization of horizontal layout

You can now see the list of countries that supports IBAN’s sorted by their ISO codes. Tapping on a country from the list will prefill initial data about the country.

Copy and Share

Copy & Share

You can now share the result of the IBAN validation or copy it to the clipboard for later use.

Other improvements and bug fixes

Android 9.0 Pie

This release of IBAN check also features support for Android Pie (latest Android version) and fixes some incomplete Russian and Bulgarian translations.

Get it on Google Play

We are constantly working on improving our apps and smashing nasty bugs along the way.