Brick Game


‘Brick Game’ is a puzzle game where different types of shapes continuously fall from above. When playing the game, you rotate the shapes or move them, left and right.

The game goal is to make full horizontal lines of shapes without gaps to score points. Each removed line gives you 100 points. To pass a level you need to score 2500 points.

‘Brick Game’ features 11 different shapes, nice old school sounds when moving the shapes,speed increase when you pass a level and convenient locations of the buttons in all orientations of the device.

Screenshots of the game running on 10 inch tablet:


Playing ‘Brick Game’


The game is paused


Game Over

You can enjoy our game both on phones and tablets. It is optimized for devices with small and big screen sizes. ‘Brick Game’ runs on devices powered with Android 2.3 and up.

To install ‘Brick Game’ download the APK file on your device.

Get it on Google Play

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