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IBAN Check ✔️ helps you with the tedious task of validating 🏦 International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN’s for short) when making or receiving payments.

Enter your IBAN and our IBAN validation app for Android will do the rest, telling you if the IBAN is valid ✅ or not ❌. You can share the result of the IBAN validation or copy it to the clipboard for later use.

IBAN Check has a list of countries that have introduced IBAN. It helps the app in the validation process. This list is updated regularly.

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What is IBAN?

The IBAN or International Bank Account Number, is a code that uniquely identifies a particular account at your financial institution or bank anywhere in the world 🌍. Through the IBAN is possible to identify the country, institution, branch and account.

IBANs and BICs are used throughout the European Union 🇪🇺, European Economic Area and Switzerland. They should be used on all payments to and from these countries.

Supported countries

Country IBAN length IBAN examples
(NB! For illustration purposes only)
Andorra 24 AD120001203020035910 0100
Albania 28 AL47212110090000000235698741
Azerbaijan 28 AZ21NABZ00000000137010001944
Austria 20 AT611904300234573201
Bahrain 22 BH67BMAG00001299123456
Belgium 16 BE68539007547034
Bosnia-Hercegovina 20 BA391290079401028494
Belarus 28 BY13NBRB3600900000002Z00AB00
Brazil 29 BR9700360305000010009795493P1
Bulgaria 22 BG80BNBG96611020345678
Croatia 21 HR1210010051863000160
Cyprus 28 CY17002001280000001200527600
Czech Republic 24 CZ6508000000192000145399
Denmark 18 DK5000400440116243
Estonia 20 EE382200221020145685
Faeroe Islands 18 FO6264600001631634
Finland 18 FI2112345600000785
France 27 FR1420041010050500013M02606
Georgia 22 GE29NB0000000101904917
Germany 22 DE89370400440532013000
Gibraltar 23 GI75NWBK000000007099453
Great Britain 22 GB29NWBK60161331926819
Greece 27 GR16 01101250000000012300695
Greenland 18 GL8964710001000206
Guernsey 22 GB57NWBK55504453178386
Hungary 28 HU42117730161111101800000000
Iceland 26 IS140159260076545510730339
Ireland 22 IE29AIBK93115212345678
Isle of Man 22 GB57NWBK55504453178386
Isle of Man 22 IM07MIDL40193872448696
Italy 27 IT60X0542811101000000123456
Jersey 22 GB57NWBK55504453178386
Jersey 22 JE68ABNA0350917C000978
Jordan 30 JO99HBHA4543333578295175367253
Kasakhstan 20 KZ5590238934023248812
Kuwait 30 KW81CBKU0000000000001234560101
Latvia 21 LV80BANK0000435195001
Lebanon 28 LB62099900000001001901229114
Liechtenstein 21 LI21088100002324013A A
Lithuania 20 LT121000011101001000
Luxembourg 20 LU280019400644750000
Macedonia 19 MK07250120000058984
Malta 31 MT84MALT011000012345MTLCAST001S
Moldova 24 MD24AG000225100013104168
Monaco 27 MC5811222000010123456789030
Montenegro 22 ME25505000012345678951
Netherlands 18 NL91ABNA0417164300
Norway 15 NO0212345678910
Palestinian Territory 29 PS92PALS000000000400123456702
Poland 28 PL61109010140000071219812874
Portugal 25 PT50000201231234567890154
Qatar 29 QA01QNBA000000001234123412341
Romania 24 RO49AAAA1B31007593840000
San Marino 27 SM86U0322509800000000270100
Saudi Arabia 24 SA0380000000608010167519
Slovakia 24 SK3112000000198742637541
Slovenia 19 SI56263300012039086
Spain 24 ES9121000418450200051332
Sweden 24 SE4550000000058398257466
Switzerland 21 CH9300762011623852957
Tunisia 24 TN5910006035183598478831
Turkey 26 TR330006100519786457841326
Ukraine 29 UA213996220000026007233566001
United Arab Emirates 23 AE070331234567890123456
Costa Rica 21 CR051202001026284066
Dominican Republic 28 DO28BAGR00000001212453611324
Guatemala 28 GT82TRAJ01020000001210029690
Iraq 23 IQ98NBIQ657453423456748
Iran 26 IR580540105180021273113007
Israel 23 IL620108000000099999999
Kazakhstan 20 KZ86125KZT5004100100
Kosovo 20 XK051212012345678906
Kuwait 30 KW81CBKU0000000000001234560101
Mauritania 27 MR1300020001010000123456753
Mauritius 30 MU17BOMM0101101030300200000MUR
Pakistan 24 PK36SCBL0000001123456702
São Tomé og Príncipe 25 ST68000100010051845310112
Serbia 22 RS35260005601001611379
Seychelles 31 SC25SSCB11010000000000001497USD
St Lucia 32 LC831090101400000712198128743156
Virgin Islands 24 VG96VPVG0000012345678901
Øst-Timor 23 TL380080012345678910157
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