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Happy New Year, and what to expect from us in 2016

Happy new year from VMSoft team!

You may not know, but we started our company 3 yeas ago (back in 2013) as a hobby. Me and my girlfriend were enthusiastic about Android. I was developing the apps and she was testing them. Our first app was ‘Darts Calculator‘. It was ugly looking app (that changed recently) but with a lot of functionality.

So in 2016 we will bring you Tic Tac Toe 4.0 with Android TV support, Happy Blocks (the game we are working on) will be released on Google Play, major update awaits Alien Swarm, also our frozen project Pipe Dream will hit Google Play. Numbers Puzzle will finally get it’s update.

We are also planning to port some of our apps to Windows Phone and Windows 10 and releasing Fuel/Oil calculator as web app. Some home grown tools which help us in our development process such as Android Image Re-sizer will be available for other developers for free. Also it’s time for our web site to get a new look.

In 2016 we will try to be more engaged with our users, fixing bugs and answering questions faster. Our Google+ and Facebook communities will be more frequently updated.

Thank you, for using our apps, games and tools. Have a great year!

IBAN Check v1.2.1 and IBAN Check Plus v1.0.1

We are happy to announce that our IBAN validation apps are updated. The update includes better support for tablets, new user friendly design and icons.

IBAN Check is the free version of our IBAN validation apps. It provides validation for International Bank Account Number according ISO 7064 standard.

IBAN Check Plus have additional functionality for BIC (SWIFT) validation and no Ads.

Get IBAN Check here

Get IBAN Check Plus here

Alien Swarm version 1.1 is here

The new version of Alien Swarm is here.

Now you can control your space ship by tilting the device, the annoying ads between the levels are removed and we got a new settings screen.

Get Alien Swarm from here and start your epic space journey.

The new NumbersPuzzle is comming

We are working on a new version of Numbers Puzzle which will include, Achievements, Leaderboards and minor improvements.


The new version of NumbersPuzzle under development



TicTacToe v2.0.2

TicTacToe version 2.0.2 is here. We got Leaderboards and a couple of small enhancements for you.

Get it on Google Play

TicTacToe v2.0

Version 2.0 is here. We got online multiplayer and achievements, improved game statistics and more. Check it out.


Version 2.0 change log:
* Online game play. Challenge your friends or a random person across the world.
* Achievements
* New game statistics.
* Interface improvements
* Sound when winning a game.
* Improved support for small devices.
* Improved Android 3.x support
* Improved Android 2.x support
* New theme: ‘Orange’
* Improved Polish translation

For additional details about the game, review TicTacToe product page. Also don’t forget to check out the game FAQ.

Get it on Google Play

Opera Mobile Store

TicTacToe - Android Market

Get the TicTacToe Android app from SlideME.

Flashlight v1.1

FlashLight 1.1 is here. We have done some bug fixes and optimizations combined with refreshing new look.

Complete list of whats changed:

  • Optimizations for small screen sizes
  • Bug fixes

Get it on Google Play

NoService 1.3.1

NoService 1.3.1 is here. We fixed some bugs and supplied an refreshing new look. Also NoService now supports devices running Android 2.2 and up.

Complete list of whats changed:

  • Fixed crash on HTC Incredible S
  • Android 2.x support
  • Optimizations for small screen sizes
  • Refreshing new look

Get it on Google Play

Opera Mobile Store


2T Maintenance v1.1

2T Maintenance 1.1 is here. Now you can calculate the oil required when fueling Wartburg 353 and MZ ETZ 250 / 251

Complete list of whats changed:

  • Added oil calculation support for Wartburg 353 and MZ ETZ 250 / 251
  • Optimizations for small screen sizes

Get it on Google Play

TicTacToe v1.2.2


An update for everyone favorite game Tic Tac Toe is here.  This update provides some bug fixes, optimizations and game board themes, plus refreshing new look.

Complete list of whats changed:

  • Game board themes
  • Optimization for small screen sizes
  • Vibration on touch when playing 2 players game
  • Fixed bugs
  • Refreshing new look.

Get it on Google Play

Opera Mobile Store